A Constant Dilemma

When it comes to building my brand, I struggle with the whole in-front-of-the-camera/behind-the-camera dilemma, both literally and metaphorically. By “literally” I mean that I equally like taking pictures as much as I like posing for them. (Apparently this is rare in the photography community lol). But metaphorically speaking, I often don’t know whether to be in the spotlight or to shine it on others as … Continue reading A Constant Dilemma

Sharing the Spotlight

I’ve been in the women’s empowerment space for several years now. It started with the natural hair community and then transitioned into leadership development, women’s ministry, community service and then business coaching. (Feel free to ask me about any of these topics, by the way!) In this line of work, I’ve had dozens upon dozens of opportunities to speak to various audiences. Sometimes I’ve been … Continue reading Sharing the Spotlight