It’s Our BIRTHday!


How did we get to the point where we celebrate our birthdays without giving honor to our mothers? It’s literally the day that they BIRTHED us!

26 years ago, this woman was watching a Michael Jackson special on TV, minding her business, when I decided to enter into this world 2.5 months early! (And I’ve been racing my way through life ever since.)

I didn’t announce my arrival; I came and adjustments had to be made.

Not to say that I was a burden by any stretch of the imagination.

I was simply a gift that needed special care and attention.

I still to this day need special care and attention.

And I still need my mom.

A mother makes sacrifices daily. I’m learning this more and more as I watch my sister mother her daughter, my niece.

Our lives are inextricably linked to the lives of others. There’s no way to get around it.

We may try to do things “solo-dolo” but that’s impossible.

So, yes, it’s a new day for me.

A new year.

A fresh start into new perspective.

Leaning on others has been my motto for the past couple of years.

Way more than I’d like to admit.

But the connection of it all…

That’s what’s really beautiful.

We need each other.

We cannot define ourselves outside of relation to others.

Today I celebrate my life, yes.

But I must look back to who and what allowed me to be here.

Some people choose not to bring forth life.

Some people choose to protect their own.

I’m just grateful that mine was spared.

Not once, but twice.

At birth and rebirth.

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